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Saturday September 13th - 11:12am

Rev. Putty Sermons: Laziness


just thought you guys might wanna know there’s new moral orel and i’m still not over it???

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Tuesday August 12th - 3:09pm


hear that? that’s the sound of my heart shattering

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Friday August 1st - 12:16am


Can u draw orel and clay pls uvu
here you go!! thank you for the request ♡
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Wednesday July 2nd - 1:59pm

Screenshots taken from the first and final episode

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Sunday June 29th - 3:30am

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Tuesday June 24th - 10:30pm


He’s pretty loyal!

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Tuesday June 24th - 1:44am

These are the final images of each season 3 episode of Moral Orel, also including the final image of season 2’s “Nature”, which kicked off the following season’s whole arc. - Part One

Season 3 of Moral Orel turned the Adult Swim show (originally a darkly comedic and satirical sitcom taking the claymation style of Davey and Goliath, spinning those religious morality play roots into insanity) into a sprawling, non-linear, multi-perspective narrative full of strong character development and a penchant to get dark and sad without hesitation (fun fact, one episode was written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Charlie Kaufman.) Still dark and hilarious, but in a more thoughtful and challenging way, the show was cancelled after its 4th episode, entitled Alone, was deemed so depressing and non-fitting with the Adult Swim brand.

Starting with the final episodes of season 2, a 2-parter entitled Nature, Moral Orel turned into a fascinating beast that is highly admirable for trying to do something memorable and special with its 11-minute format. The animation style ramped up into full-on cinematic impressiveness (one great example is a drunken, first person staggering through a depressing scenario while “No Children” by The Mountain Goats plays violently into the day in the season 3 premiere episode entitled Numb), complimenting the witty yet non-passive narratives and arc-based writing. The show was cut short of 6 more episodes, which would’ve fleshed out the Moral Orel story so much to its other characters that it would’ve been renamed “Moralton”, which would’ve made the whole town in which the show takes place the main focus.

And yet, the Moral Orel legacy ended quietly, and yet with a slightly open door. In 2012, a 30 minute long special episode, a prequel to the entire series entitled Beforel Orel - Trust, was released and continued the show’s streak of brilliant and careful comedy writing, as well as delving deeper into the world of the characters’ past, seeing how things got so messed up in the first place for our beloved little Orel. Showrunner Dino Stamatopoulos never officially put the nail in the coffin for the show, but Adult Swim and other factors haven’t been kind in letting him bring back the world of Moralton in full effect. Perhaps some day we’ll get to see Orel struggle to grow older in a world full of unhappiness and strife, where we’ll laugh and cry in equal stride. 

To watch Moral Orel, head to the Adult Swim page.

Part Two of the Photoset.

-Intern Rocky for The Final Image

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Wednesday June 18th - 4:56pm

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Tuesday June 17th - 5:50pm

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Monday June 16th - 7:01am

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