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Friday February 7th - 12:14am


Art by ST4RK-N4K3D

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Friday February 7th - 12:11am

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Friday February 7th - 12:11am

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Friday February 7th - 12:11am

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Sunday September 8th - 1:41pm

Title: Suspicious and Cool
Artist: Mark Rivers
Album: Beforel Orel
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Suspicious and Cool - Mark Rivers.

Beforel Orel.

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Saturday September 7th - 5:07pm

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Saturday September 7th - 5:07pm

Orel LIVESTREAMING @ Everything Is Festival IV!

For Oralites not blessed enough to live in the City of Angels, The Cinefamily announced today much of Everything Is Festival will be livestreamed, including The Orel tribute! Here’s a full description:

An Afternoon with Andy (Dick), Orel (Puppington) & Dino (Who?) - Aug. 18th @ 3 pm (PST)

What could be more wholesome than spending your Sunday in Moralton with Orel Puppington, Clay, Bloberta, Rev. Putty and the rest of your favorite Moral Orel characters? Moral Orel, the mid-Aughts masterpiece from Dino Stamatopoulos (creator of Mary Shelley’s Frankenhole and the new ADHD show High School USA!) — remains one of the Golden Age of Televised Animation’s crowning achievements, due to both its sharply brilliant satire and its beautiful stop-motion work. Don’t miss Dino, along with the reunited cast of Moral Orel as they perform table reads of two never-before-produced episodes in front of your eyes and ears, complete with a puppet show using the actual stop-motion figures! Special live guests include cast members Carolyn Lawrence, Scott Adsit, Britta Philips, K.K. Dodds, William Salyers, Jay Johnston, Joe Unger, and Q&A moderator Nick Wiedenfeld (ADHD).

Plus, as an added treat, Dino will reach into his video vault and take you back in time to his college years in Chicago, when he and his good friend Andy Dick teamed up to create a series of comedy sketches — shown here in all their glorious VHS beauty!

Over the next 6 days the Fest livestream will also feature shows curated by Dan Harmon, Maria Bamford, and Patton Oswalt

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Wednesday July 17th - 1:30pm


Every August, The Cinefamily, LA’s greatest nonprofit art/trash mecca, hosts the end of summer comedy/found footage bash Everything Is Festival.

This year, the guests will include Mike Judge, Patton Oswalt, and…

A Moral Orel tribute hosted by Dino and Andy Dick!

August 18th. 3 pm. Getcher tickets (if you’ll be in SoCal ‘round August). 

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Thursday July 4th - 12:22am


it hurts dad


it hurts dad

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Wednesday June 12th - 7:40pm

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